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Million Dollar Quartet

Check out recent photos of Billy Rude as Jerry Lee Lewis in the Million Dollar Quartet National Tour and other exciting regional productions


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  1. Billy, terrific performance last night in Solvang as Jerry Lee Lewis! We so enjoyed your energy and outstanding performance. Wishing you continued acting and performing success!

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  2. Billy just saw Million Dollar Quartet in Solvang Theatrefest. Everyone was so talented but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You are incredible! Thank you for a great show and I will look forward to seeing you again.

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  3. OMGosh… You are Fabulous!! I have seen you in the Solvang Theatrefest show 4 times! You are the hit of the show with your awesomely amazing piano playing, acrobatics (love the converse look), singing and even your facial expressions. You are so on with every minute with full expression. Billy you’re such a talented actor and seriously a triple threat in the entertainment business! WOWZA!!! Keep up whatever makes you HaPPy HaPPy because your passion and love for what you do is addictive and so inspiring!

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  4. I was in Solvang the night your “mama”
    ( you stayed in character when announcing her!) was in the audience. I saw Eric Stein today when I was attending
    ” The Addams Family” and asked him about your glissandos. He said it was an electronic keyboard, (so maybe a little gentler on the fingers). He said you have calluses, and I’m sure you do! Your performance gave me more fun than I’ve had in years. I’m just sorry I didn’t see it earlier so I could see it twice. I’ve been a season subscriber since 1973 at PCPA.

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